Mind of Darkness, Heart of Light

That warped time froze the mind
It had no beginning
It had no ending
Why was it over?
Had it ever began?
Had it ever ended?
That sad moment we last spoke
That elusive time we slept away
That shattered hope we dreamt of yesterday
That obvious fate of being a world away

I saw the clouds raining upon you
I felt the skies falling down onto you
Yet, with eyes and heart closed you stepped into my light

Where was it over?
Where did it begin?
Where did it end?
That self-destructive habit inside – you would not break
That unfathomable black cloud above – you could not escape
Still, you ran away – over and over – from that angry darkening sky
How was it over?
Did it never begin?
Did it never end?
That darkness in your mind overshadowed the light in your heart
That fear of falling caused you to spin and weave and dart
That lacking courage for truth made days eternal and a mind that split then fell apart
That quantum breath evaded your doing
That altered time escaped your being
That truthful moment slipped then slid your seeing
When will it be over?
When will it begin?
Forever, never, that infernal elusive end…

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